dutch male voice

Hi and welcome to my site,

if you are looking for a Dutch male voice talent, you came to the right place. I am a fulltime professional voice-over with more than 20 years of experience, and with my own fully equipped sound studio.

I am specialized in corporate, educational and commercial voice work. eLearning, information and sales. Experienced in synchronizing to a recording in another language.

Do you have a Dutch script that you like me to record for you? Great! Please send it to me through email: willem@topvoice.nl.

I will reply the same day and as soon as we agree on what to do exactly, how to deliver and for what price I will start recording. This can often be finished within 2 days. Sometimes even faster than that. Only if the script has more than 2000 words it may take longer.

If my recording will be used in a video, and the video is ready and available, please send that to me as well so I can synchronize my lines to it. This will save you some time and I can be sure that my pace and tone do match.

Below are my voice demo compilations. You can listen to them rightaway or download them by clicking on the name. And if you like me to do a custom audition, no problem either.

Just to be sure: my native language is Dutch, as spoken in the Netherlands, Europe. Some people call our language Netherlandic in order to avoid confusion with Deutsch (which means German in Germany). Germany is our neighbour country.

I live in, and was born in: the Netherlands. Don’t ask me why but in English our language is called Dutch.

In voice scripts and file names often the abbreviation ‘NL’ is used for Netherlands/Dutch.

And what is the difference between Holland and Netherlands? Well, Holland is actually a part of the Netherlands. When people say Holland, they most of the times mean Netherlands.

The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. I live in Wageningen, which is in the centre of our country, about 80 kilometers from Amsterdam.

Any questions? Or do you like to know more about me and my way of working, please do not hesitate to send me an email (willem@topvoice.nl) or give me a call: +31652395778.

Looking forward to working with you,

Willem van den Top

The heart of my studio contains:

Sennheiser MKH-416 •AKG C414 XLII • Røde K2

RME Fireface UFX+ • Adam S3H + Sub12 • Sennheiser HD-25

Apple MacPro 7.1 • ProTools HD • Logic Pro • iZotope • FabFilter • UAD • Waves Mercury

Source-Connect Standard.